Ian MacLellan's 2007 Biking Trip
"Anacortes, WA to Nantucket, MA ... just me at seventeen"
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"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!", Dorothy in "the Wizard of Oz"

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Ian at Anacortes, WA taken by his
mother Pauline on her cell phone

Sunday July 1, 2007

  • Ian started from Anacortes, WA, right on Puget Sound, his mother Pauline flew out from Boston with Ian last night and they spent much of the day getting ready, putting the bike back together, and obtaining final supplies at the REI flagship store.
  • The day end at Concrete, WA, at the foothills of Mount Baker.
  • Ian reported he rode 55 miles, was feeling great, and that the views were very pretty.
  • We've set a charitable donation link (see below) for the Melanoma Research Foundation.
  • Ian called at 7:30 PM PDT and said;
    • "I did 55 miles today, averaging 16 MPH. I started the trip about 1:30 PM PDT today from Anacortes and finished at 5:30. I'm feeling fine even though I didn't sleep enough last night because I was up re-building my bike. Tonight Mom and I are staying at Ovenell's Heritage Inn ...it's a cattle ranch nestled between two volcanoes. Tomorrow I'll be biking into the North Cascades National Park ... it looks likes it all uphill for a while ... so I don't know exactly where I'll end up tomorrow!"
    • Detailed map of the North Cascades National Park

View from North Cascade N.P.

Monday July 2, 2007

Spectacle Lake Resort

Tuesday July 3, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline just reported in from Tonasket, WA at 7:48 PM PDT. Well over 100°F today!
  • No WiFi or Internet connections, so sadly no great pictures from Ian today.
  • Ian reports via the cell phone:
    • "We've made it to Tonasket, Washington and are staying at the Spectacle Lake Resort. The cabins are very hot and stuffy, no A/C, just a very weak fan blowing the hot air all around. Even with the two doors in the cabin wide open, there's no really breeze to speak of.
    • "From our cabin, you can look out one door and see a pretty view of Spectacle Lake. Out the other is a huge RV park, with all sorts of vehicles and people. RV camping now includes 42" flat panel TV's! There's loud country music blaring from what sounds like a Karaoke machine and there's a woman dancing to the music right next to her camper.
    • "I have to admit that it's been a very long and hot day today. My bike thermometer measured 102°F! So no surprise, but I've got a nasty headache. I think it's from allergies or maybe it's just plan dehydration. My right shoulder and butt are feeling the effects from the road.
    • "It's pretty scary traffic out here on Route 20. There are huge, speeding lumber trucks, pick-up, and RV's towing all sorts of things that come just a bit too close for comfort. We've seen no other bikes on this part of the trip. This whole is area is very arid, similar to western Utah.
    • "You can buy all sorts of firework on the street. They even have fireworks just for kids being advertised. May be I can convince Mom to buy some so that we can celebrate the 4th of July. We're hoping to get to Colville tomorrow night where there is supposed to be a fireworks show.
    • "Tomorrow I plan to bike up to Sherman Pass, elevation 5,576'. This is the highest pass in Washington State and I'm certainly hoping for it to be a bit cooler, but the forecast looks about same. Thursday it's supposed to be well over 100°F, perhaps 105°F. Yikes! I thought the mountains were supposed to be cool..."

Downtown Colville, WA

Wednesday July 4, 2007

  • Pauline and Ian checked in from Colville, WA.
  • Pauline says (Ian is cooling off in the shower):
    • "Very, very hot day. Still 95°F at 6:15 PM. Ian did great despite a tough ride. For the first 12 miles, the road surface was "ground" in preparation for a re-paving, so a horribly bumpy ride for Ian. I was very proud of his biking today, lots of uphills, hot, and dry. I think he did 75-80 miles at about 12 MPH. We saw several other bikers going both directions (east and west). One family with a young girl and about 8 guys inn their 40's and fifties. One man even had a recumbent bike which was intriguing to se out here. The locals claim that this weather is very unusual for around the mountains and that it's usually in the 80's. Ian is still sore today ... and add slightly sore knees to the mix. Tomorrow it's supposed to be brutally hot ... somewhere around 105°F .. and we hope to get to Newport, Washinton, right on the Idaho border!"
  • Quick report from Ian later in the evening:
    • "It's been a long hot day on Route 20. The road was tough today, but I made a solid 75 miles today at 14 MPH average. It's up and down and very winding. Only a little sore --- and the bike is holding together great. We're at WalMart right now getting supplies and checking out all the RV's in the parking lot. I've heard that anyone can park their RV here for free at night. I have some more digital pictures to upload if I can get wireless access at the hotel. And thanks for all the messages in the Guestbook!"

Orchard along Route 20

Thursday July 5, 2007

  • Pauline and Ian reported in from Sandpoint, Idaho. They are staying at the La Quinta Inn.
  • Ian reported:
    • "Rode 90 miles today the longest day so far, averaging 14.5 MPH. Not really tired. Temperature was officially 106°F, although my bike thermometer read 120°F. The area is pretty flat, although the day started uphill. My Uncle Thomas called at 7:00 AM and woke us up and we had a great chat about biking, what to drink to avoid dehydration, etc. I started the day biking at 9:00 AM and finished around 4:00 PM.
    • "We saw lots of buffalo at the Kalispel Indian Reservation. Idaho seems more prosperous that Washington for some reason, perhaps the soil is richer. We had dinner at the Hydra Steak House and ate teriyaki chicken steak, and rice.
    • "I'll be updating my web site, so be sure to check it out!"

Lake Pend Orielle, Idaho

Friday July 6, 2007

  • Pauline and Ian spent the day in Sandpoint, Idaho traveling around Lake Pend Orielle "recharging" ... a very relaxing day.
  • Tomorrow Ian plans to bike about 85 miles to Libby, Montana ... extreme heat is predicted.
  • Spoke with Bill Marsch at MRF and we'll be updating the donation procedures next week...
  • Click here for forecast for Sandpoint, Idaho.
  • Montana is experiencing a severe heat wave ... how lucky for Ian! Click here to read the Yahoo News article.
  • Michael Hughes, Ian's uncle, created this limerick for him today and posted it in Ian's Guestbook:

    There once was a man named Ian
    Who went off on a bike to go seeing
    He stated "I will go west to east"
    But oh those Rockies may be a beast
    So he sat down each night to a large feast
    To fill his belly with more than yeast.

    As the trip continued to pass
    He sometimes wished he was driving something that used gas
    But he was always bolstered by his great Mom, Pauline
    Who was there to make sure that the dream came to pass.

    As you continue on your way in life
    Always remember that we are here to share your joy and strife
    Dream large thoughts and strive hard too
    As we are always out here thinking of you

    Your Uncle Michael

Field near Libby, Montana

Saturday July 7, 2007 (7/7/7)

  • Ian rode from Sandpoint to Libby, Montana, the temperatures moderated just a bit, mostly in the high 80's.
  • Ian had two flat tires today due to metal debris on the road, and temporarily ran out of tire patch and spare tires (requiring a wait for another from the roadies). Talking to locals, Ian heard stories about very recently how a woman biker got blow off the road from a logging truck and how a motorcyclist was killed when he hit a moose! (Editor: The accident happened on July 5th and the motorcyclist tried to avoid the moose and hit a car and was indeed killed. Click here for the full story.)
  • Pauline and Ian are staying at the Super 8 in Libby, Montana. They ate a hearty dinner at the Antler Restraurant.
  • Read about another Massachusetts man is biking from Seattle to Woburn. He's just a bit ahead of Ian.

Town of West Glacier, Montana

Sunday July 8, 2007

  • Ian reported in from West Glacier, Montana, the entrance to Glacier National Park.
  • Ian told us that there is no biking allowed in Glacier National Park from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, so he needs to plan his ride accordingly.
  • Ian reported:
    • "Good long ride today! We went to a bike store in Libby and the man told us about a route to Glacier that would avoid the scary highway. It was a great road, but somehow we got a bit lost and finally figured out how to get back to Route 2. I'm feeling fine.
    • "I'm thinking about getting up a little earlier and hitting the road before it gets too hot. (Editor: Reports are that Ian is sleeping like a normal teenager, going to bed past Midnight and getting up around 9:00 after some insistence.)
    • "We have to start early tomorrow since Glacier National Park won't let you bike past 11:00 due to the traffic. I hope to take lots of great pictures in the park, but we don't have an Internet connection so I can't upload anything today. Thank you for everyone's support!"
  • Ian's Dad was spotted riding a new Trek touring bike through the hills of Lincoln, Concord, Acton, Westford, and Carlisle back in Massachusetts ... could he be thinking of heading west himself?

Cabin at Rising Sun Motor Inn

Monday July 9, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported in from St. Mary, Montana, on the eastern side of Glacier National Park.
  • The roads in Glacier National Park were severely crowded and dangerous for bikers, and there was that restriction against biking from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. So instead of riding, it turned into a day of hiking in the extreme beauty of the park. The day also included some camera lessons for his mother!
  • Ian and his mother are staying the night at a rustic cabin at the Rising Sun Motor Inn, inside the park just west of St. Mary..


Montana Sky (click for more pics)

Tuesday July 10, 2007

  • Pauline reported in about 10:30 MDT that she was in Cut Bank, Montana. Ian started his ride out today on Browning and expected to end the day Chester, Montana about 100 miles, the most so far! Ian was going strong. Temperatures are reported in the mid-70's, expected to 80 by afternoon.
  • Update at 9:00 PM MDT:
    • Ian and Pauline are in Havre, Montana. Today Ian covered 96 miles averaging 15.2 MPH. They were going to stay in Chester, but reports are that the motels were just too depressed and run down to stay at. Besides, there were no restraurants and a very hungry young man! In Havre almost all of the motels and hotels were sold out, but they managed to find a room at the Siesta Motel on Route 2.
    • Ian reports that the landscape this morning was still mountainous, but this afternoon brought beautiful fields of wheat, farms, and many grain silos. Not much else to report, very few trees. The farmers are very worried about how dry it is.
    • Ian reports that he's doing OK, but his outer right knee is a little sore. They called from a restaurant in Havre, so no one was very talkative. Ian expects to post lots of great pictures on the trip log web site.
  • Further updates from 7/11 at 9:00 AM PDT:
  • The residents of Cut Bank claim that it is the coldest weather in the contiguous 48 states.
  • Along Route 2, Ian hit a major road construction area and had a chance to ride through the worst of the construction in the "point car", a pick-up truck driven by a nice lady. They talked all about the area and she told Ian that she was seeing lot's of bike riders coming through.

Wheat Fields in Montana

Wednesday July 11, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported this morning in from Havre, Montana. Ian is setting off this morning, looking forward to biking all the way to Harlem, Montana.
  • There are several very small towns along Route 2 that they are passing through -- most are only a handful of houses and tall grain silos.
  • The locals claim that the names were picked by the builders of the northern railroad by spinning a globe and choosing a town depending on where their finger would land. Another story is that the towns are named after ones in Europe in a way that would make the early immigrants feel a bit more comfortable there. Also, much of yesterday's ride was through huge Indian reservations.
  • PM report: Ian and Pauline arrived in Malta, Montana! Ian biked a hard 107 miles today ... what a guy!

Ian and his Mom Pauline in Williston, ND

Thursday July 12, 2007

  • Ian arrived in Williston, North Dakota, biking 73 miles today. There seemed to be a shortage of shoulders along Route 2 in Montana. Despite this Ian's say he survived it just fine. The western portion on North Dakota is relatively flat --- rolling hills of wheat, canola, corn, and soybeans. All along the road are small oil wells --- single pumps typically with four large metal tanks to gather the oil before being shipped off to the refinery.
  • Ian's Dad Steve arrived in Minot ("why not, Minot"), ND and joined him via taxi. Dad, Mom, and Ian enjoyed their first dinner together in two weeks at Applebees.
  • Tomorrow Ian and Dad will bike east (together?) along scenic Route 1804 towards Minot, ND. Temps are expected in the high 80s.

Ian east of Surrey, ND

Friday July 13, 2007

  • Ian and his dad biked east from Williston, North Dakota to New Town, North Dakota.
  • After a quick breakfast at McDonald's, Ian and his Dad are ready to head out. The crowded room looked like a yard sale, stuff spread out everywhere in preparation for the day ahead. Ian's Dad is a little nervous, Ian is in great shape and ... well you get the idea.
  • Who's idea was it to bike on Friday the 13th??? Ian lost one of his birkenstocks (shoes) along the roadside and spent about 45 minutes walking back searching for the missing shoe. He gave up, and his mother tried to find the shoe to no avail. After dinner, he became the proud owner of a pair of $1.58 flip flops from WalMart. (By the way, Ian and Pauline have frequented more WalMarts during this trip than in their entire previous life!)
  • Due to the popularity of these tiny North Dakota towns, there was no hotel room to be had in New Town, North Dakota, where the guys would end their biking day. A quick change of plans (including having the mother/wife remain with her car for one more day) had them driving east to Minot, with two bikes carefully arranged in the back trunk, arriving around 8:30 p.m. A wonderful view of thunder hitting in the distance added drama to the trip. The whole gang spent the night at a Super 8 Motel in Minot

Ian in Rugby, ND

Saturday July 14, 2007

  • Ian and Steve biked from Minot, North Dakota to Rugby, North Dakota, known as the geographical center of North America. Steve played an interesting leap frog game with his rented suv and his bike. He would drive ahead, park the car, hop on his bike and bike west to meet Ian and then turn around to bike east. This pattern was repeated during the course of the day.
  • Ian reports this to be lowest mileage day of the trip - but not because of his biking partner. They set out late and ended early.
  • In Rugby, they enjoyed counting the large number of churches in this small town. Numerous lutheran, methodist, catholic and baptist churches were spotted.
  • Ian had Pete the Bird flying in front of him for 1.2 miles. He was flying around - "swooping and swopping"!

Ian in Devils Lake, ND after a severe thunderstorm

Sunday July 15, 2007

  • There were strong head winds (clocked at 25 miles per hour by Steve and reported on the emergency broadcast system) that slowed down Ian's mileage.
  • Ian saw three wolverines in front of a farm. This reminded Steve of the time in 1973 when he was attacked by a wolverine in a cave in Wisconsin.
  • They finally got pie for dinner - Ian got pumpkin pie and Steve got cheesecake.
  • There are white caps on the lake.
  • They are hoping to make it from Devil's Lake to Cooperstown tomorrow.

Ian biking near Esmond, ND

Monday July 16, 2007

  • Ian and his Dad arrived in the small town of Cooperstown, North Dakota after a day battling 25 mph headwinds. There had been wild weather in the area the night before. (A farmer stopped to chat and told them that hail, rain, and wind removed all the leaves from his corn and soybean fields.)

Excellent cell phone photo taken by Linda Lightbourn of Ian and his proud Dad in Page, ND cafe
(Click here for Linda and John Lightbourn's journal!)

Tuesday July 17, 2007

  • Ian and his father made it to Fargo, North Dakota today. They had a late start (apparently Steve didn't want to get up this morning) and biked through agricultural fields that had been devastated by the hail storm of a few days ago. Plants had lost all of their leaves, trees were bare as fall, and the damage was amazing.
  • Steve continued his drive, bike back, bike forward, drive, repeat cycle. His competitive drive showed through -- on one of his loops, he sped past a couple of bikers, rather than stop at his parked vehicle. Once he had passed the group, he turned around and returned to his car!
  • They are staying at the tallest building in Fargo, on the 13th floor.
  • Steve will be leaving early in the morning, after he packs up his bike for shipping and returns his rental car to Minot, North Dakota (about 270 miles away).

Ian's Camping Setup in Cororant, MN

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Wednesday July 18, 2007

  • On to Minnesota! Ian reported in from Cormorant, Minnesota, making good use of his camping gear. He checked out two camping sites before settling on a "friendlier one". He biked to town for a "take out" dinner.

Lake Adley in Parkers Prairie, MN

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Thursday July 19, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Parkers Prairie, MN, population 991, on the lovely shores of Lake Adley. Ian biked over 95 miles today, with much "to-ing and fro-ing" back and forth once he arrived in town.
  • Ian is sleeping tonight in the park next to Lake Adley. He was worried about camping there, since a sign declared "No Camping!", but the biking maps indicated that it was fine (the city's web site also says it's just fine). Ian, not wanting to run afoul of the law, left a message with the local police that he could be found sleeping in the park and if they had a problem with that that they would know where to find him.
  • Ian ate a hardy dinner at the local diner --- cheeseburgers and cheesy bread. Sadly, there was no pie on the menu. Perhaps in the next town.
  • Is Parkers Prairie near the hard-to-find Lake Wobegon??? No one could say for sure!

Downtown Milaca, MN

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Friday July 20, 2007

  • Ian arrived today in Milaca, MN after a very hard 116 mile ride, much of it against strong headwinds. Although Ian never swears, it sounds like he's about to learn...
  • Ian hopes to hook with a Groton classmate tomorrow, if they can coordinate their plans.

Ian reading the paper in Lindstrom, MN

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Saturday July 21, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Lindstrom, MN after biking a hard 60 miles against a strong headwind. He is camping by himself again ... the only camper without a RV!
  • Ian was not able to meet up with his classmate ... thus no warm, comfortable bed or home cooked food.
  • Ian's Mom and Dad (Pauline and Steve) have arrived in St. Paul, MN after a short drive from Lincoln, MA (right outside of Boston) ... only 1,400 miles. Pauline will provide very much appreciated logistical support for Ian as he bikes across Wisconsin. The long car ride has been hard for Cadi the Dog, but we hear that she's looking forward to playing with her trainer Ian!

Ian meets up with his Mom in Lindstrom, MN

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Sunday July 22, 2007

  • Looking forward to meeting up with Ian for breakfast. Ian called late last night and reported that Lindstrom is supposed to have outstanding Scandinavian donuts! We'll have to check this out... (no donuts after all, but a hardy breakfast at the Swedish Diner).
  • Ian's route will now depart from the "standard" Northern Tier route from this point forward until New York state. With his Mom with him, he'll now be able to take a short cut through Michigan and Canada.
  • Steve is heading back to Beantown this evening on a Northwest flight, but Ian is tempting him with an offer of joining him at the Oshkosh airshow later in the week ... not fair! (BTW - Joe Steim even offered a free ride back from Rockland, IL). As Steve says: "You never know!"
  • Today was a "recharge day" for Ian, spent with his family and touring Carleton College, which he liked.
  • Thank you to everyone for contributing to MRF ... Ian is almost halfway there with meeting his $5,000 goal!

Famous Noske Nook Bakery 

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Monday July 23, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported in from Neillsville, Wisconsin. Ian biked along the scenic Mississippi River today, passing through many small towns. Pauline stopped in and checked out Peppin, WI ... where Laura Ingalls Wilder once lived.
  • Ian's route today took him along side "Cycle America" riders ... and their support crews! Pauline spoke with one of the crew members and they explained their tour and philosophy.
  • Ian biked 70+ miles today. He reported that his knees were very sore from the weeks on the road. Also his eye were stringing today, probably due to some localized allergies. His plans for tomorrow are not yet known.
  • They ate dinner at the famous Norske Nook ... thanks to the David Letterman Show. Ian had Sour Cream Raspberry al la mode and Pauline had Strawberry Ruhbarb ... they reported it was flaky and delicious!!!

Old Amish Boys (not Ian's picture)

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Tuesday July 24, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Appleton, Wisconsin. Biking was not that much fun today, poor shoulders on the road and lots of tractor trailer trucks. Very little to report ... not a very exciting section of the trip.
  • Ian and his Mom met a group of five very cute blond haired Old Order Amish boys today. Ian did not take their pictures, feeling that this was not respectful of their ways. But he did buy two nice handmade baskets.
  • Fox River Brewery in Appleton for dinner.

The S.S.Badger

Flying Cadi enjoying the water (IRM)

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Wednesday July 25, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported in from Manitowoc, WI on the shores of the lovely Lake Michigan. There is a 20 mile bike bath along the shore that's always crowed with joggers, bikers, roller blader, walkers, etc.
  • They visited Appleton Bicycles and had a lovely conversation with the owner. He had great advice for less busy routes from Appleton to Manitowoc. Ian was rained on for the first time on the trip and got soaked. Ian was stopped by a woman and children for directions. He chatted with the woman and told her about his journey. Her 5 year old son was very impressed, exclaiming, "...that's a far trip!" She promised to contribute to Ian's fund rasing. Ian biked by several small dairy farms that were part of the Land-O-Lakes cooperative.
  • Ian and his Mom had a tasty lunch/dinner at the Courthouse Cafe in Manitowoc. Pauline reported tha the handmade onion rings were "scrumptious". From there they drove north to the Point Beach State Park and Cadi-the-Dog romped in the water. On their return to Manitowoc, they stopped into an old fashioned ice cream palor at Beerntsen's Candies. The place remined Pauline of the now defunct Bailey's in Harvard Square.
  • Ian and Pauline have a reservation on the ferry from Wisconsin to Michigan around Midnight, arriving in Ludington, MI. They are planning a "shortcut" through Michigan and probably Canada. They estimate 6 or 7 days to reach Niagara Falls from Ludinton, although it could be as early as late Sunday night.

The Tridge in Midland, MI

Curious Michigan Natives (IRM)

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Thursday July 26, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported in from Saginaw, Michigan late Thursday night. They both sounded tired from this short Michigan segment.
  • They arrived very very early this morning by means of the S.S. Badger ferry in Ludington, MI. Last night they queued up about 11:30 PM CDT to get on the ferry. Luckily, they were able to get themselves a small "state room", #29, for the journey scross Lake Michgan. Unfortunately, Cadi-the-Dog was required to stay with the Toyota and was finally driven on the ferry by a crew member. She had no comments to share with her Dad about the experience.
  • The cycling crew arrived in a very foggy Ludington around 5:30 AM EDT (4:30 AM CDT). They then drove to Meijer (a WalMart-like super-department store) and joined several other weary travelers, catch ing a few winks until 7:30 AM. While Ian slept in the back (snorry was reported), Pauline drove east for a bit to Reed City.
  • From Reed City Ian started his Michigan biking experience, riding for a while on an excellent "rail trail" bike path. The paved trailed ended after 10 or so miles and Ian then rode for a few bumpy and dusty miles on gravel before returning to Route 10. Ian reported that Route 10 had way too many scary tractor trailer trucks and did not enjoy this part of Michigan.
  • Ian then picked the bike trail back up in Clare, MI and continued on towards Midland, where the scenic bike trail ended. Midland is a nice little town with a very unusual, but cool, bridge called "The Tridge". From there they drove to the hotel in Saginaw, slept a bit, ate dinner at Outback Steak House, bought a map at WalMart for the upcoming Canadian segment of the trip.
  • Pauline and Cadi were able to stop and walk along the bike trail, playing Frisbee and other cool dog things. Check out Ian's pictures he uploaded today, including several of Cadi playing in the water.

Daldean Ferry heading to Canada

Ontario Farm (IRM)

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Friday July 27, 2007

  • After a final tough day of biking in Michigan, Ian and crew arrived in Marine City, MI, where they took a short ferry ride across the Saint Clair River into Ontario, Canada. Cadi-the-Dog did not like the ferry ride one bit, but the Canadian MP admitted her and her young friends into their beautiful country since her paperwork was all in order.
  • Ian and Pauline reported in from Chatham, Ontario. They had dinner at Crabby Joes, a local chain restaurant. They encountered a brief thunderstorm and Cadi refused to leave the car due to the scary thunder. Ian had to carry Cadi into the Super 8 for the evening.
  • Ian is plotting out his Canadian route tonight and we'll be tracking it tomorrow. Ontario is very beautiful and people even have a different accent (of course!).
  • Ian reported than items in the grocery stores all have different packaging (and sometimes even brand names) than those we usual find in US stores. Ian says, "Canada is great!"

Wind Turbines in Ontario (IRM)
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Saturday July 28, 2007

  • Ian and Pauline reported in from Simcoe, Ontario. Ian biked an amazing 103 miles today over very pleasant back road. Ian reported that the road was in poor shape, badly cracked. The saving grace was gentle hills and pretty fishing villages. They came upon a large wind turbine farm. They bought blueberries from a roadside farm stand. They stopped in Port Burwell for a mid-afternoon ice cream stop.
  • Tonight Ian and his mother are staying at the Comfort Inn (they love dogs here), with a special dog area. Ian reports that this is the nicest hotel that they've stayed in for a while. They had their typical fast food meal at a place called Harvey's. They attempted to see the new Simpson movie (like his brothers Alex and Stephen), but just missed the start by minutes.
  • Tomorrow Ian heads towards Niagara Falls and back to the United States. They are plotting out their route tonight. Ian is trying to time his passage through Niagara Falls to coincide with the Miller Family who are biking as part of large group of almost 50 people that are traveling together. The group is called "America by Bicycle". Ian had been following their ride on CrazyOnABike.com web site.
  • Ian's brother Stephen hopes to ride with Ian through New York State, as soon as he finishes his final paper for his education class at Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.

Niagara Falls in 1970

Niagara Falls, 2007 (IRM)

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Sunday July 29, 2007

  • Ian reported in briefly from Lockpoint, New York. Ian biked today from Simcoe, Ontario to near Niagara Falls. Ian and Pauline drove around the Falls, but found it too be way to crowded and commercial for their liking. They are staying at a Comfort Inn in Lockpoint that is Dog Friendly (Cadi-the-Dog is quite pleased about this) and heading to a nearby Barnes & Noble to search for a book of New York bike trails along the Erie Canal.
  • We visited Ian's grandparents Lucille and Bob Hughes of Harvard, Mass. this afternoon. Lucille has been one of Ian's best long distance supporters on his ride and is plotting how to connect with Ian along the last major section of his route. She's been asking folks to check out his ride and consider donating to MRF (Thanks!). Rumor has it that Ian's cousin Daniel Hughes is also interested in joining up ... and Ian's brother Stephen from Cambridge also. A famly reunion on the road? Check here for updates!
  • Ian and his Mom had dinner at the Montana
  • Here's a great snapshot Dad took of the MacLellans at Niagara Falls in the summer of 1970 during one of our Illinios to Cape Cod trips. Thanks Maria for finding this and scanning it in for us!

The Confusing Bridges of Fairport, NY

The bike path along the Erie Cancel (IRM)

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Monday July 30, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Fairport, NY, a nice little town southeast of Rochester. Ian biked over 80 miles on a combination of small roads and bike paths along the canal. Cadi and Pauline enjoyed many brisk walks along the canal path, which is well used by residents and visitors. Ian and Pauline planned to meet up at the end of the day in Fairpoint. Fairport is a beautiful little town - voted one of the top 100 towns to live in in America. They have spent over a million dollars to renovate and enhance the canal area, and there are pretty little shops and parks along the canal. Ian and his mother spent some time trying to hook up. There were too many identical drawbridges, a cell phone that ran out of steam, and some isunderstandings about where and what to do. Eventually, mother and son connected and arrived at their hotel for a well deserved rest.
  • Early reports are that the bike trails are much better in New York than in several of the previous states.

Ian's view of America (IRM)

A Pile of Bikes in Grammy's Ford Explorer (IRM)

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Tuesday July 31, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Oneida, York State. Ian biked 94 miles today but had a huge surprise ... his brother Stephen AND his grandmother Lucille (aka Grammy) met up with him at the intersection of Routes 46 and 31 east of Syracuse. Grammy was thrilled to see our accomplished biker. Pauline headed back to Boston with Cadi-the-Dog --- Ian was very thankful for the wonderful support his Mom has given him on the journey.
  • Ian had a problem with his rear tire today (sse his pictures and log). For reasons unknown, it started to fall apart but his Mom Pauline was able to buy a new tire at the Geneva Bicycle Center. The owner was very helpful to Pauline, telling him how he had biked across the US himself six times. Amazing! (Please, don't give Ian any ideas!)
  • The gang ate dinner at the Madison House in Oneida. Ian had french fries with cheese and bacon for an appetizer, followed by a healthy platter of Fried Chicken. Ian pronounced the food "OK!". Ian, Grammy, and Stephen swapped stories during dinner. They're staying at a fancy Super8.
  • Concerning hs brother Alex's many question (see guestbook), Ian claims not to have lost any weight on the 3,000 miles so far. Ian said to ask Alex about The Oneida Society, a utopian commune.
  • Although Ian was certainly sad to see his Mom leave tonight, but our young celebrity is looking forward to returning to the Bay State later in the week. We'll ask Cadi-the-Dog the True Stories about Ian's adventure when she returns.

Ian's Cool Brother Stephen (IRM)

(Click here for Ian's photos and stories)

Wednesday August 1, 2007

  • Our band of merry travelers reported in from Canajoharie, New York. They are heading towards Interstate 90 in search of a Holiday Inn --- Lucille had seen a billboard earlier. They covered a very respectable 75 miles and everyone was happy to call it a day. Very impressive for Ian's older brother Stephen ... and for Ian too.
  • Surprisingly Stephen had a flat tire after only a mile on the road this morning. Dad's first question was: "Stephen, which tire?", since he had spent a few extra dollars on a flat-resistant Slime inner tube for the rear wheel. Stephen reported that it was indeed the rear wheel (too bad) and that he had hit a piece of metal that cut right through the Kevlar Bontragger tire and popped the Slime inner tube. Stephen changed the tire, but broke the Presta stem off, used his remaining inner tube, and off they went to start the day.
  • It's Stephen's first day of "real road biking" and he told us that he's feeling great. Grammy reported that Stephen was still covered in dirt grease when she met him at Lunch time at McDonalds. Stephen discovered importance of proper sun screen use today and has a sunburn on his upper thighs. No aches or pains and we're all curious about what Stephen looks like in spandex biking shorts! (Ian has a very strict policy of absolutely, positively no biking shorts in any public places ... we'll have to see if Stephen followed Ian's rules on this topic. Ian's Dad did not follow these guidelines ... and was the subject of colorful commentary from Ian for several days in North Dakota.)
  • Tonight they ate a hardy dinner at the Holiday Inn. Grammy somehow twisted the waitress' and bartender's arm and Ian happily slurped down a tasty chocolate frappe. Everyone's settled in for the night, mapping out the route for tomorrow. Ian was uploading some of his famous pictures for the website when we last spoke with him about 11:00 PM.
  • Thank you to everyone who's been following Ian's journey online and contributing to MRF!

Meeting house in eastern New York (IRM)

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Thursday August 2, 2007

  • The gang just checked in at 8:43 PM from Lenox, Massachusetts --- the last state of Ian's cross-country journey. They were apparently quite tired this morning and did not hit the open highway until 11:15. It was very, very hot today ... Ian's bike thermometer claimed it was 104F. Grammy read books and the newspaper while SAGing ("support and gear") for the MacLellan boys. They covered a very solid 75 miles today and had Grammy give them a small lift through the roughest parts of Albany, NY.
  • Stephen reported that his legs were holding up just fine, but that his neck was very pretty sore --- his Dad is very familiar with this issue. Ian thinks Stephen's just faking it.
  • For lunch they stopped at a road-side farm stand. They had a lunch of strawberries, plums, cheese and crackers, bread, peanut butter, cookies, chips, some cold ice tea to wash it down. Sounds delicious!!!
  • The last segment of a long distance trip always seems the longest...

Grammy driving the offiicial "Support and Gear" vehicle

Ian and Stephen's bikes taking a rest (IRM)

Ian, Grammy, and Stephen enjoying a family dinner at Barber's Crossing in Sterling, Mass.

Grampa (Bob Hughes) and Ian swapping stories of the road over dinner

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Friday August 3, 2007

  • Mid-day report:
    • Stephen called and reported in from Northampton, Mass. They've covered 40+ miles today. Very hot and grimy on the road from Lenox to Northampton. They again had a eclectic lunch of peanut butter and jelly, fruit, cheese and cracker, etc. compliments of Grammy.
    • Ian reported that he was "Good!" and their goal is Ware, Mass. tonight.
    • Grammy spent time visiting Lenox and Williamsburg (west of Amherst).
      • Grampa reported that he is losing weight with Grammy on the road and has been inviting visitors over to help keep him from starving any further..
    • Stephen is expected to leave Ian and return to the People's Republic of Cambridge.

  • End of day report:
    • We all met up tonight at for a late night dinner at Barber's Crossing in Sterling, Mass. Ian and Stephen covered 75 miles of scenic Massachusetts roads today. The boys were very hungry and thirsty. Ian and Stephen looked great --- you couldn't tell that they've been biking for 6 hours a day in the scorching sun.
    • The had attempted to get rooms in the Sturbridge area tonight but were beat out by the hundreds of bikers and their harried crews involved with the Pan-Mass Challenge. After an exhaustive search, everyone decided that Harvard seemed close enough and that's where Ian and Grammy (and Grampa) are spending the night. Stephen headed back to Cambridge with Heather bringing to a conclusion his adventurous biking partnership with his brother Ian. Tomorrow he is going to Northampton for a day of fun and play while Ian sweats it out on the hot summer road.
    • The gang had stopped in Amherst this afternoon and visited Alex's college - Hampshire College. Everyone was very impressed and assured Alex that he's made a fine choice.
    • Ian is stilling working on the exact route for tomorrow and has confidence that he'll make Nantucket by Sunday night. He's hoping to avoid any route that will crodd the PMC route. Grammy is sticking with Ian for the duration, SAGing and helping out in every way that she can.

Ian's brother Alex on the SS Nantucket, with a beautiful sunset in the background 

Saturday August 4, 2007

  • Ian reported in from Middleboro, Massachusetts --- at the crossroads of Interstate 495 and Route 28. He started his day at Grammy and Grampa's house on Turner's Lane, enjoyed a well deserved late rise, and a wonderful breakfast of Grammy's french toast.
  • Grammy and Grampa drove Ian southwest to Uxbridge to re-start his ride and Ian covered a hard 60 miles in some brutal summer heat and humidity. At 6:30 PM, Ian and crew were deciding on accommodations for the night. Ian reported no encounters with the Pan Mass Challenge riders. Grammy reportedly was concerned that Ian's was exceeding the speed limit in several of the towns along his route!
    • Late night report: Ian, Grammy, and Grampa were in Hyannis ... they'd been searching eastward for a hotel room for hours. They only available room was in the Mansfield Holiday Inn and they're heading back from the Cape to sleep.
  • Ian's brother Stephen is back in Cambridge, wrapping up a final paper for his child development class at Lesley University. Ian's Mom and Dad are on the steamship Nantucket just south of Hyannis heading to their rental house in Madaket (Nantucket). Ian's Aunt Maria reported in from Rockland, Maine where she's visiting with Ian's Aunt Louise and Uncle Nick. Everyone sends their love and best wishes to Ian.
  • Ian is hoping to reach Hyannis ... even Nantucket Island tomorrow. A very ambitious goal indeed! Again, a big "Thank You!" to Grammy for her support of Ian this past week.

Ian arrives at Nantucket Harbor...
Look at that smile!!!

Ian MacLellan and his very proud Mom

Sunday August 5, 2007

  • Ian has arrived on Nantucket Island!!!
  • We just spoke with our excited traveler. He reported in from South Middleboro, Massachusetts where he has started the last segment of his incredible cross country journey.
    • Mid-day report: Ian justed checked at 2:30 PM in from Quaker Meeting House Road in Sandwich. Grampa is looking for a place for lunch before Ian continues on to Hyannis.
    • Earlier Ian had two flat tires in the first five miles, slowing down his trip considerably. He has no more inner tunes left and will either have to patch his tires if he gets another flat or find a bike store open on Sunday.
    • 5:00 PM report: Ian called in from Barnstable, about to enter Hyannis and find his way to the next ferry to Nantucket.
    • 7:10 PM report: Ian arrived at Nantucket on the Hy-Line ferry. He was thrilled to finish this long and rewarding ride. But wait ... is he done yet??? The final leg to Sconset and Sankaty needs to wait until tomorrow ... so that Ian can repair his third flat of the day.
  • The basic route is via South Middleboro to Bourne, across the Cape Code Canel at the Bourne Bridge, joining the bike route along Route 6A, through Sandwich on 6A/130, remaining on Route 130 until Race Lane, and then to Hyannis, catching either the Steamship or Hy-Line ferries, and then finally on to 'Sconset.and Sankaty Head Light. The weather is looking hot, but generally excellent today. Good luck Ian, we're all cheering for you!
  • Ian's Uncle Thomas says: "Make sure you ride to the Eastern most part of ACK to close out the journey. That's about as far east as you can get in the US. Then you can turn your feet back toward home."
  • What in the world will Ian do next???

Sankaty Head Light on the eastern shores of Nantucket Island

Monday August 6, 2007

  • Sconset and Sankaty Light ... and then a very well deserved rest!!!

Ian's Ride Estimator
Subject to extreme change!

  • Many folks have been asking for an approximate schedule of Ian's Bike Ride --- it now looks like he'll arrive in Nantucket on August 5th.
  • Ian has been able to cover about 80-90 miles per day. This has been a tough rate to meet for the first sections of the ride due to very steep mountain roads and extreme Western heat. The crowded roads of Michigan and New York slowed him down slightly, but he's still making excellent progress! The "shortcut" through Michigan and Ontario, Canada cut off 300-400 miles.
  • Please see the Adventure Cycling Association website for more detailed section and map information for the "Northern Tier" route.

About Ian MacLellan and his Ride Across America

  • Ian MacLellan is a 17 year old young man from Lincoln, MA. He's been planning this trip for about a year and hopes to attract attention to the important cause of melanoma prevention and research. Ian asks that you please consider giving a small donation to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
  • We are all set to accept donations at: firstgiving.com/iansbiketour. You can make donations to the Melanoma Research Foundation easily through this site!
  • If you would like to donate via "snail mail", please send your check directly to:

    The Melanoma Research Foundation
    170 Township Line Road, Building B
    Hillsborough, NJ 08844

    Please indicate that the donation is for "Ian MacLellan Bike Ride"

  • Ian hopes to create and send out a book of photograph from the trip for his supporters.


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