WARNING: Only click on the image if you
have no fear of bugs!

Scary Bugs Attack Maria in RI!!!

In the "strange, but just might be true" column on theMacLellans.com, Maria MacLellan released this photo purported to be of various bug parts that needed to be removed from her in August and September 2007.

Maria reported:

"Look at this photo only if you have a strong stomach! These are some parts of the bug that crawled in my ear during the TexMacs sleepover on July 14th. I started the collection on August 5th (big dark chunk far right middle). The darker parts are the earlier retrievals before I started using peroxide. I hope I'm done. Last retrieval was about September 17th (long pale leg lower left)."

When asked whether or not these wild stories were true, Maria replied, "Indeed! I've got the parts in a baggie. The objects on the computer image may appear larger than in bag..."

Anyone else have a bigger Gross Out story???

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