View from loukout tower near Goddard Shelter


This June Me, Alex and Stephen were planning to hike the entire Appalachian trail section through Vermont.

We got started late and were forced to do the whole 153 mile in 13 days and have Alex leave two days early. Stephen

was still off in New York the day we all planned to leave. He was supposed to be home at noon but didn't show up until

4:30. Him not showing up on time ruined are plan to hike 6.9 miles the first day. Not hiking 6.9 miles the first day made

it so I had to change all our hiking plans. We started hiking at about 8:00 p.m. on on July 18th. We hike the 1.7miles to the

Seth Warner Primitive camping site blindly, reaching the campsite at around 9:30. Stephen stayed up 'till about 10:00

While me and Alex tried to get to sleep. We got up around 8:30 the next day and had oatmeal, hot chocolate, and coffee.

As we started to hike it hit me that I hadn't backpacked in two years, and even two years ago the longest hike i had

done was 20 miles. My clavicoles and my hips got sore quickly and I was relieved to stop at the sherman brook shelter

for a lunch of pepporoni and cheese crackers.

Story Spring Shelter


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