Louise and Johnny - CD Release Party
Time Out Pub, Rockland, Maine
September 24, 2006

Here are some pictures and a video from Louise and Nick's (aka Johnny) CD Release Party at the Time Out Pub in Rockland, Maine to benefit Epilogos Charities. Over $1,000 was raised!

(Click for larger images)

For the very bold, with very high bandwidth, here are some videos of Louise and Nick singing and playing:

Video #1 - 3.7 Megs

Video #2 - 2.7 Megs

Video #3 (MP3 version) - 1.2 Megs

Video #4 (MP3 version) - 3.4 Megs

Here is a website for people to listen to some of the songs: noisehead.com

Artists' Bio: L,L&N

Life is beautiful in ME. A perfect sunny day.

Louise and Nick

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