Pictures from 29th Annual Seaplane Fly-In
at Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Maine
September 6-7, 2002

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Tents set up "under the wings" of a Maule M7-180 ... Here's Jeff reading a bedtime story to Joe.

The runways were lined with planes of all shapes, sizes, and conditions. We're parked next to a very nice amphibious plane.

Jeff and Joe clowing around, with Joe's Can-O-Coffee boiling on Jeff's camp stove ... no pancakes and bacon that morning!

Looking back at Greenville and Moosehead Lake on takeoff from runway 32 ... now where's that crazy Cessna 150?

View of Lewiston/Auburn Airport on the way back to Hampton.

Back safely at 7B3 Hampton, NH.

What really happened to Jeff's right eye!

9/13/02 by S.J.MacLellam